Bali Bike Tours On ATV’s Are The Most Fun In Bali

The Leading ATV Ride in Bali

Bali Island ATV are the experts when it comes to providing Bali bike tours. We pride ourselves on quality. Our quad bikes are unquestionably the best on the island. Ranging from 500CC to 700CC they’re powerful and guaranteed fun. The bikes are also fully automatic meaning that they’re easy to ride. We have the best team of mechanics to take care of fleet of quad bikes, ensuring that they’re always in top condition and ready to go. Our mechanics have been internationally trained and we regularly have qualified Australian engineers overhaul and double check all aspects.


At Bali Island ATV, we’ve been hosting guests since 1996, and our guests really matter to us: We’re committed to making sure that you have the best possible experience. Our two hour tours included return transfers from your accommodation to our base here at Yeh Gangga Beach. Our guides are experienced, friendly, knowledgeable and speak fluent English, delivering the best of Bali quad discovery tours every time. At the end of your tour, an Australian BBQ sausage sizzle awaits you – refuel yourself and share tales of the trail with family and friends.

Bali ATV Ride Is Perfect For The Whole Family

We provide a variety of Bali bike tours, so there’s something to suit everyone. Tours can be of either 1 or 2 hours’ duration, and your Bali ATV tour can be completed with one person per bike or tandem if you’d prefer to sit back while someone else drives for you. The size of our bikes means that even with two people on a bike it’s a comfortable experience. Our sunset tours are always popular – experience the thrill of riding a quad bike along the black sands of Yeh Gangga Beach as the surf crashes behind you and the sun sets on the far horizon, providing a kaleidoscopic skyscape. The experiences you’ll have on our Bali ATV ride will not only bring a smile to your face at the time, the memories will keep bringing a smile back for years to come.

Bali Quad Discovery Tours Are The Best Way To See The Island Of Bali

Your quad bike tour, Bali will allow you to discover a different side of Bali, away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas. While our base is under and hour away from central Seminyak, it feels worlds apart. As you head towards Yeh Gangga, breath taking views of rice paddies, and the captivating local villages and sacred temples await you at every turn. The views from Yeh Gangga beach are simply sensational, providing sweeping panoramas of Bali’s south west coast line. One of the most notable things about the beach here is the black sand. The colour of the sand is due to the volcanic rock from which it is formed. As you experience the exhilaration of an ATV ride Bali in this stunning location, you’ll splash through fresh water streams and while the surf can be seen on one side, palm trees and rice fields will be seen on the other. Although the beaches are often largely deserted, you may still see local people fishing or a surfer enjoying some uncrowded waves.

See The Amazing Sites On A Bike Tour Bali

Rice is the staple food of Bali, like many areas in Asia and the rice fields provide a spectacular landscape. Expansive vistas of lush green rustle gentle in the tropical breeze. Your bike tour, Bali will take you down small tracks where you’ll find yourself completely submerged in this tranquil sea of green. Rice farming in Bali has remained largely unchanged for centuries, and you’ll witness the farmers, in conical hats to protect themselves from the sun, tending to their crops with loving care. Spiritual life is integrated into the daily lives of the Balinese – keep an eye out for the small temples by the tracks where daily offerings are made. Yeh Gangga village is a peaceful and well kept traditional Balinese village. Life centres around the temple and you may well be lucky enough to see a ceremonial procession accompanied by the traditional sounds of Gamelan music. The heart-warming smiles and waves of the local population will leave a lasting impression as they go about their daily lives.

We Operate The Leading Bali Bike Tours

You’ll notice the well kept houses, which consist of a number of buildings, each with its own temple where generations of the same family live together. The roads are also lined with local ‘warungs’ serving up the local delicacies of nasi goring, mie goreng, nasi campur and more.

For a truly exhilarating and memorable experience, where adventure and culture are combined there really is no better option that a Bali ATV bike tour. We can’t wait to welcome you and share an adventure together.



Quality and customer service is of the highest importance to Bali Island ATV:

Our guides are all experienced and English speaking. Our mechanical team is trained to International standards to ensure our Quad / ATV Bikes are in the best condition for you to enjoy. In addition, our visiting International Engineers provide regular services to all of our bikes. We have a regular schedule of maintenance to ensure that our bikes are always in the best possible condition and won’t let you down. Our bikes are modern and the biggest on the island, ranging from 350 - 500 CC and suitable for single or tandem rides.

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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional levels of service to our customers, and our numerous positive reviews prove that we meet this aim. It’s our high standards of quality and customer service that make us the Number 1 ATV quad bike company in Bali. We’re sure that you’ll love what we do, but if you have any comments, we’d also love to hear from you directly. Please speak to us at any time during your visit with your feedback.

Operational Since 1996

Bali Island ATV is located at Pantai Yeh Gangga and has been providing high quality service to guests in Bali at this location since 1996 - initially as a horse riding company and for the last 5 years we have operated ATV / Quad Bike Tours. As the Number 1 Beach Quad Company in Bali we’re recommended by booking agents around the world, and regularly welcome return guests.